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Tips and Recommendations to avoid scams while looking for a job abroad

For Working Link (OK) it’s not only important to link, in a safe way, Mexican workers with employers that provide working places abroad; but Ok also makes the compromise to avoid the scams to the job-seekers. Sometimes, job offers aboard tend to be fake or inexistent.

Mexican legislation stablishes that: the service for the placement of workers will be free for them (LFT XXV).

According to the before mentioned, every one of the job seekers must read and considere the following:

You Should NOT pay

Under any circumstance the job-seekers should not make payments in any form (cash, card, etc) to get a job abroad and/or get their Visa or work Permit.

The recruitment-services fees are covered by the employer that requests the workers.

What you SHOULD pay


PASSPORT: The payment is made directly in the bank, with the form the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) requires/gives.
The cost and instructions for the passport payment:
Payment form:

VISA AND WORK PERMIT: The procedures have a cost established directly by the Country where the worker will work. In any case, all visa payments must be made directly in the bank and to the accounts established by the Embassy of the destination Country.
Canadian Visa cost:
(Canadian) Visa process cost:

In case the worker performs some procedure and is sent to the corresponding embassy through a parcel company, the applicant must consider that the answer of the procedure will be returned by the same route; reason why the corresponding amount must be paid by The courier service.

Remember that, before making any payment you must sign a service contract between the job seeker and the company, person or agency that has offered the services of employment with a foreign employer.

Any additional charges are illegal


When any person or "company" requests any type of payment for information related to vacancies abroad, immigration procedures or sending the status of the job seeker to foreign employers.

If they request that you pay in advance the cost of the passport and/or visa.
Avoid giving money to anyone else. It is advisable that the payment of any visa or passport costs are made personally and directly in the established banking institution, avoiding to deliver money to any person.

Make sure that the company has established offices.
Do not go if someone offers to get you a job abroad or get a visa and work permit and the meeting place is a park, public square, hotel, restaurant, or any public place where it is difficult to locate people for subsequent meetings or follow the procedures.

If the company that offers the services of worker placement abroad does not have the permission issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS), which guarantees that it can link Mexican workers abroad.
Many companies or employment agencies may obtain such permission, but in the vast majority of cases they are only authorized to link workers in national territory and not abroad.

If you are asked to deliver personal documents in original, such as passport or birth certificate to initiate formalities.
The passport is only requested until the moment of initiation of the immigration procedures in the corresponding embassy, and by that time a work contract must be previously signed.

If you are in doubt or have been a victim of one of these cases, report it to the appropriate authorities. Let us avoid that more people are affected by this type of situations.


Remember, according to Mexican law, our services are completely free to job seekers.

Remember, no one can charge you by getting a job abroad, visa paperwork or fill out forms of any kind. If someone asks you for money report it to the proper authorities.

OK linking people, changing lives.